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I take much pride in my breeding program producing beautiful healthy French bulldogs that meet the conformation standard.!


"Quality is giving something special beyond what's expected"

I would 10/10 recommend bijou bulldogs to anyone seeking a healthy, sweet and super cute bulldog! I am constantly stopped on the street and asked about where I got mochi and Zima. They are perfect and deb has been super helpful each step of the way with the process and answered any question I had. I have 0 complaints, and couldn’t be happier with my girls.
Margret C.

My 14 yr old English Bulldog, Elliemae, passed away October 14, 2022. I was waiting until the summer of 2023 before getting another puppy. At the end of October, I came across Deb's web page. I called her only to get to know her and her breeding program. I told her about the loss of Elliemae and also my mother that past April. She said she had a French Bulldog puppy she thought I would be interested in. I explained that I would be holding off purchasing a puppy until the summer. She sent the picture of this white French bulldog puppy with the "Kiss of God" on the top of her head. Just like Elliemae. It was as if Elliemae and my mother were telling me this puppy is for you. I picked up Dolly the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Dolly has been a joy. She is a wonderful puppy who fills my days with joy. Deb has been wonderful as well. I am afraid I at times I talked her ear off. She is dedicated to breeding the finest French Bulldogs and knows what puppy needs to go with who. She is more than a breeder she is a friend. Thank you, Deb, for matching me up with this gift from my mother. You knew what I needed. Dollylee is an amazing puppy. She slept all through the night from the first night I brought her home. Dollylee seems to know why you sent her to me. Thank You, Deb!!

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For several years I searched for a reputable French bulldog breeder and finally found Bijou French bulldogs. I knew the minute I finished reading through the website that I would one day purchase a puppy from Deb. We previously had a Frenchie with neurological and other health issues so we learned the hard way how important it is to choose a reputable and knowledgeable breeder. I continued looking at her website from time to time. Then one day Deb posted a breeding that sounded perfect. I got in touch with her and explained the importance to me of finding a breeder that took pride in their breeding program. She answered all of my questions and I was sold. So the deposit was paid and our precious Augie came into our lives. He’s everything we had hoped for. He gets along so well with people, children, dogs, and isn’t afraid of anything. He’s a fun, adorable little clown. If you are seriously looking for a French bulldog, I strongly encourage you to get in touch with Deb. She will be available to answer your questions and will address any concerns. We’ve had many phone calls and plenty of texts. She has always shown concern and has amazing knowledge and insight about the breed. I know she will always be available for me with any questions I have, big or small. Augie has brought such joy into our lives, and I wouldn’t change a thing! Thank You Deb!


We found Deb & her Bijou babies shortly after losing our 10 year old Frenchie. We weren’t necessarily looking to add a puppy at the time, but more so doing research for when the time was right. Deb understood and remained in contact with us answering questions and offering advice, and when she had the puppy we immediately knew was meant to be ours she continued to update us on progress until Blanche was ready to come home. Deb is very knowledgeable about the breed and her attention to details regarding their health really impressed us. Deb made the entire process seamless, and Blanche is the most perfect little lady. We’ve since referred multiple friends and family that have inquired about frenchie (and english) pups and we will continue to do so for as long as we can. When the time comes to add to our own family we will definitely be calling Deb!

Kurt & Amber

When we decided it was time to start looking for a French bulldog puppy we knew wanted to use a breeder this time. I found Deb and from day one, she was always there to answer any questions. She had us FaceTime to “meet” our puppy LUlu! She was just a pleasure and always helpful! We purchased and picked up LUlu, our new wonderful addition to our family. She is so smart and has an absolutely amazing disposition. Everywhere I go with her, I get stopped, people always comment that she is the most beautiful frenchie ever (even my vet)! We cannot wait to get a second frenchie from Deb!


We came across Deb while we were searching for our first frenchie. We contacted Deb and spoke on the phone for about an hour and a half during our first phone call. She was super supportive, informative and incredibly helpful in providing advice. She also asked us questions to make sure we were the right fit and if we  would provide a safe environment for the frenchie. We got to meet Uniii through Facetime and we immediately fell in love with him at first sight. We were so impressed with Deb's knowledge about this breed, her love and passion for each and everyone of them. Whenever we had questions, Deb would answer back right away and would give us tips which has helped us tremendously.  When we take Uniii out and about, people are always so impressed with how calm and good temperament he is. Uniii is super friendly and loves to be around people. He loves learning new tricks, in fact, he is so smart that I was able to teach him basic commands like 'paw' and 'sit' at 6 months. He is so easy, mellow and chill to take care of, that we are thinking of getting him another sibling for him. It will definitely be through Deb again. Thank you so much to Bijou French Bulldogs for providing us with our very first frenchie fur baby. Feel free to follow our pup on IG as well and reach out if you have any questions @uniiiboiii


As first time dog owners, we did a lot of research before settling on a breeder. When we came across Bijou French Bulldogs and spoke to Deb, we knew we found the one. We could have gone with a number of breeders much closer to home but the decision to go the distance was extremely worth it! Deb's knowledge of the breed, care for the animals, and beautiful dogs are unmatched. She was extremely response throughout the whole process. Our beautiful girl is now 1.5 years and thriving. Our vet always comments on how well bred she was and how great it is to see a Frenchie without breathing problems. If I ever wanted another Frenchie I would definitely go back to Deb and recommend her to anyone looking for their new best friend!

Alicia R

It has been 2 years since we picked up NiRAN from Debbie at Bijou French Bulldogs. He is really an extraordinary dog who has made our lives so much better. Since I am now a French bulldog owner, I am more aware of other French bulldogs and can appreciate the superb breeding strategies that Debbie practices in her business. While I know that everyone thinks their dog is the best, I can objectively say that his form is perfection, from tail to ears. Not always the case with this breed, as we all know. We get stopped everywhere and people just cannot get enough of NiRAN. Our friends, who fell in love with NiRAN, just got a puppy from Debbie. He is another great example of a gorgeous Frenchie in the making, and NiRAN loves to play with his new cousin. Thanks to Bijou French Bulldogs, we have our own little best friend who loves to snooze, snack, and play!


Deb is an absolutely pleasure and a dream come true to work with! She is hands on from beginning to getting your furbaby but even afterwards she is still involved. The furbabies she develops are all beautiful and healthy. If we could buy more we sure would!! Our experience has been amazing ever step of the way. We highly recommend her! Call me if you need to discuss 631-371-1153 Denise

Deb!!! Such a pleasure to share a testimonial. You can use the pic I just barely sent above? Deb was such an incredible person to work with to find our new family member. With a previous frenchie crossing the rainbow bridge we were feeling super nervous trying to find a reputable breeder that would be willing to answer lots of questions and truly help us though what was both an emotional and exciting process. She was endlessly available and highly engaged in our efforts to understand how to best match her upcoming litters with our interest. You can tell she cares so deeply about the health and wellness of each one of these little nuggets she helps bring into the world and even more, really looks to build a relationship and keep in touch with her puppies families. We feel so fortunate to have found Deb and our little fur baby!

Mellisa Testimonial: Deb is a wonderful, caring and responsible breeder and we are so happy to have found her when looking for our 3rd Frenchie. It is clear she cares deeply for not only her pups but the breed in general. Wellington aka Welly exhibits all the qualities we love about frenchies - affectionate, curious and social. He is a healthy and confident pup with the sweetest disposition. From my 1st inquiry to picking up Welly, working with Deb has been an easy, seamless process. We are so happy to have found Bijou French Bulldogs and for the joy that Welly has brought to all of us!

Mellisa M.

By absolute fate, Deb came into our lives.  Our family had just been told by another breeder (one we worked with for our 9 year old frenchie) that the puppy we put a deposit on, was no longer available, with absolutely no communication or reason. Our entire family was heartbroken, especially our two children. Out of desperation, I did a quick google search and stumbled upon Bijou French Bulldogs.  After reading the testimonials, I sent a message to Deb to which she replied almost immediately   We scheduled a facetime meeting for the next evening.  During our “face to face” meeting, we saw the available puppies, asked questions, and engaged in conversation about the process, her program etc.  The conversation was fluid and seamless.   This also gave her the opportunity to see where the puppy would live which brought her comfort as well.    From the beginning Deb’s main priority was that her dogs go to a loving home. We loved that Deb had a vested interest in the health, environment, and overall well-being of her pup’; they are truly family and treated as such.   Throughout the entire process Deb was communicative and transparent, something we had not experienced with any other breeder.  Deb truly puts the health and well-being of her pup’s before any monetary exchange.  For example, a few days before we were scheduled to pick up the puppy, Deb called and said the puppy was at the vet, as she was not eating or drinking overnight.  Deb said “if you would like the deposit back, I will gladly return it, but I can’t have you pick her up when she is not feeling well.   I need to get her better first. The doctor said it was not a big deal, and gave me medication for it, but I need to make sure she is better before I send her home to you”.  She also sent us the medical paperwork and note from the vet, she was extremely thorough.  Although we were disappointed with the temporarily delay, we respected that Deb was acting solely out of her care and love for the puppy.  After pushing the pickup day back, a week, my husband drove to pick up Carmella.    We brought Carmella home to meet our two children, and our 9-year-old French Bulldog, Dutchess.  Deb was knowledgeable about how to introduce Carmella to our family.  To no surprise, Deb was on point!   During the first few weeks of having Carmella at home we would reach out to Deb with questions, pictures or just updates.  Deb, completely consistent with how she treated us throughout the entire process was communicative, transparent, and helpful.  Her knowledge for this breed is unrivaled by any other breeder we have experienced.  Growing up with English bulldogs, and French bulldogs myself, I have never experienced a more thorough and responsible breeder.    If you are looking for a breeder who puts quality care into her pups, will be communicate with you during every step of the process, and patiently answer all of your questions and concerns, then Bijou French Bulldogs is for you.    Carmella fits in perfectly with our family, and we have Deb and her outstanding program to thank.


Debbie is a very responsible breeder caring for each pup individually and the whole litter. Debbie always makes herself available for any questions you may have before during and after your purchase. I Purchased Mr. Quinn in March of 2021 and never looked back. He is beautiful kind, and funny. He has such expression in his face. Everyone who meets Mr. Quinn falls in love with him. He is a real character with lots of charm. He gets along well with my other dogs. Mr. Quinn loves to travel and we are attending breed handling classes hoping to enter the show ring in the near future so Mr. Quinn can put his swagger on and hopefully come home with a few ribbons.

We love our sweet little Gizmo. Thank you Deborah for helping us pick the perfect match for our beloved 5 year old frenchie. Gizmo is strong, loving, sweet and wants to be just like his big brother!

I received “Olive” from Deborah back in November of 2020. Deb was easy to work with, very professional and takes excellent care of her puppies. Olive came to me trained on puppy pads with the sweetest and most kind temperament you could ever want from a French bulldog. Olive was already socialized and great with other dogs. She immediately took to being the best older sister to her younger brother and cuddles/plays with him constantly. 10/10 would recommend going through Bijou French bulldogs

Zach C

“Deb is an excellent breeder, she truly cares about every puppy and every client she has. Especially as first time dog owners it is crucial to have a breeder you can trust. Deb went above and beyond making sure my wife and I felt comfortable and ready to buy a puppy. Further to that she was always available to us for any questions we had to help guide us through the first few months and beyond of raising our puppy. We couldn’t be happier with choosing Deb and our beautiful french bulldog Maya.”


My husband and I were searching for a responsible French bulldog breeder and were struggling to find someone we felt comfortable with. As soon as I reached out to Deb of Bijou French Bulldogs she responded right away and offered to FaceTime with us that same day. She answered all of our questions and showed us the litter of adorable puppies, the mom and their whelping area. After choosing our adorable Poppy, Deb would frequently send pictures/videos of her until she was old enough for us to take home. Deb’s communication was amazing throughout the whole process, always quick to respond. Even after we took our adorable pup home, she still checked in on her and responded to any questions we had. Poppy is a happy, healthy (and sometimes sassy LOL) pup and we are so happy with her! We can’t recommend Deb & Bijou French Bulldogs enough!

Lily B

We can’t recommend BiJou Frenchies enough! Finding a reliable preservation breeder was of high importance to us and we feel so lucky to have stumbled onto the BiJou French Bulldogs website one day. From the start, Deb has been a great communicator which really helped us feel at ease throughout the process of getting a pup. It is clear how much she loves her pups and cares about the families they go to.. we feel so lucky to be a part of the BiJou family! Butaro is our first dog and our pride and joy! He is the sweetest pup and loves meeting new people (and people love meeting him!). He has brought so much joy into our lives and also came housebroken, which was a big and pleasant surprise as first-time dog owners! People often stop and ask us about Butaro’s breeder, and every time we proudly say BiJou Frenchies! If you are looking to bring a french bulldog into you family, we highly recommend Deb and BiJou Frenchies - they are the best at what they do, you will not regret it! If you have any questions about our experiences with BiJou French Bulldogs, please feel free to direct message us on Butaro’s instagram - @mr.butaro.

Stephanie C

Easy experience from the beginning to end. Deb got back to me quickly about the last available pup. Communication was a breeze and we were able to agree to a pickup location that was convenient for both of us. Lola came with all her shots and chip information. We love Lola so much and are very happy we were able to bring her home last February.

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Jen S

I bought my first French bulldog from Deb and couldn’t of had a better experience. She was very professional. She was very knowledgeable about the breed and answered all my questions. It was such a great experience that I also purchased a puppy for my daughter.  I take Paris to work with me everyday and the residents at the skilled nursing facility where I work love her. She is calm, friendly and well behaved.

Joy B

My puppy, mochi, is absolutely perfect! She is healthy, beautiful and so full of love! She makes silly sounds that I absolutely adore and even though it’s only been two months, she’s really grown to be a wonderful companion. I could not be more grateful. In addition, Deb has been very helpful and is there to answer any questions I may have. I highly recommend deb’s breeding platform, you won’t regret it!

Margaret C

Our family has been researching various breeds of dogs and felt that the French Bulldog would best suit our family. Over this past summer, we have had the pleasure of working with Deb Knowlton of Bijou French Bulldog. We came across her website and became even more intrigued about the French Bulldog. From the first time we came into contact with Ms. Knowlton, she has truly demonstrated many qualities of professionalism and passion for the work that she does. She was always available to answer any questions we had via text or email in a promptly manner. When the time came to pickup our Frenchie, the process was fairly simple. Ms. Knowlton welcomed us into her home and gave her undivided attention to discuss all the information we needed to best care for our dog. Luna was already chipped, vaccinated and examined by a qualified veterinarian. Today, Luna is doing well and continues to bring such joy to our family.

Dom M

This year we added a second Frenchie from Deb to our family...a well-adjusted, healthy, clown. We could not be happier with the disposition of our pup (Levi) and he has been a great addition...even his big sister loves him! Deb took the time to identify a perfect match to our existing Frenchie and both are thriving. Deb is always available for questions during and after the entire process and makes sure that both parents and puppies are happy for years to come.

Rebecca W

Deb made the process of selecting the right Frenchie easy and fun. Just before the pandemic when we visited Deb to choose our puppy, she let the mother audition us as owners and we really hit it off. When we went back to the pen, the littlest puppy approached us and that was it. Love at first sight. Yasmin is a happy, healthy, self-confident puppy who brings joy to us every day. Bijou French Bulldogs is the best!

Yolanda S

We looked for the right breeder for our frenchie for awhile, and as soon as we met Deb, we could feel how much care, knowledge, and respect for this breed that she brings. We knew she would be the perfect choice for one of the most important in our lives! We couldn’t have asked for a better process, excellent communication, and trust in her care. Fiona is beautiful, and exhibits all the best qualities of a well bred frenchie— she is super healthy, active, social, and the most friendly temperament. We won the lottery with Fiona and we know that deb had a huge part in making this possible. Follow our girl @fiona_da_frenchie to see for yourself! -John Hooper and Emily Posselius

John H

The entire experience working with Deb from our initial phone call to well after we took home our sweet girl Minka was amazing. From the start, Deb took the time to share her knowledge on the breed, their characteristics, and her process. We knew immediately that we had an expert in Deb, and someone who loves and cares for her animals. Minka is the most loving, playful, silly, and all around best dog. She has completely exceeded our expectations, and everyone who meets her falls in love with her. We are so grateful to have found Deb, and couldn’t imagine life without Minka!

Meg M

It is with great sense of purpose & satisfaction I am sharing our experience with Bijou French Bulldogs,

We are dog lovers and from our childhood my husband and I have we have enjoyed the love and happiness our pets have brought to our home. We currently have 3 dogs, Gigi a Labradoodle, Trudy a French Bulldog, and Tucker our Bijou French Bulldog. As with most dog lovers we will go to extremes for our dogs, and to say we spoil them in an understatement. We put a great deal of time into investigating the breeders of our dogs and this was especially true for Tucker. After Trudy came into our home we quickly realized Frenchie’s had a special place in our hearts so we immediately began our search for our next Frenchie. This was a journey that took us to visit and meet several Frenchie breeders all who had a love of this wonderful breed. Along this journey we came to meet Deb of Bijou French Bulldogs. Immediately upon meeting Deb and visiting with her we realized Deb was truly special. She took a great deal of time to discuss the breed and help to better understand Frenchie’s and their needs. She is very knowledgeable and extremely passionate about Frenchie’s… it is clear she is driven to breed healthy Frenchie’s and place them with people who will give them the love and care they deserve. From the time we picked up Tucker Deb has remained in touch with us and offered advice and support. Tucker is a healthy and absolutely beautiful puppy that has a wonderful personality, his coloring and disposition was exactly what Deb had said it would be. Deb’s dedication and love of her Frenchie’s is what makes her special.  Anyone looking for a Frenchie we would highly recommend Deb at Bijou French Bulldogs.

We want to Deb for her dedication to the French Bulldog Breed, and a special thank you for our beautiful loving little boy “Tucker”.

Linda L

We are a dog-loving family, but, almost exclusively, we have been Lab owners. While we were all in the house for the pandemic, we realized that this would be a great time to get a puppy. However, this time my daughter asked if we could get a smaller dog that could sit in her lap (easier), and that she could take with her more easily than she can the larger labs. Not having explored the smaller dog world before, we did a bit of digging into what breeds of small dogs would fit into our lives, and we determined that the French Bulldog was the way to go. I began my research into finding a pup, and I quickly learned a few things: 1. Rescue French Bulldog puppies are hard to impossible to find, 2. Frenchies are a significant investment and 3. there are a lot of breeders out there. I looked for quite some time, and began discussions with more than a few breeders. Some of the breeders were excellent, but many were not. It began to remind me of puppy milling of labradors we have encountered so many times in the past. Lots of discussion about designer colors on web sites, but little about breeding philosophy. Then I found Deb at Bijou French Bulldogs. On the day that I sent her a quick note looking to connect, Deb called me. During that first phone call I asked her with questions about her kennel, her breeding philosophy, and overall questions about Frenchies and how well a puppy would fit in our house. Deb enthusiastically engaged in that discussion with passion, and I knew this was a person who I wanted to work with. I was particularly concerned with breathing issues that these dogs so often has, and Deb was able to answer all of these questions with with ease and details since she has a deep experience in breeding Frenchies, and loves to do it. She very purposefully and knowledgeably sets up her breeding program based on a lot of data, not just a pedigree. She has a fantastic working knowledge of genetics, and tracks her dogs health so well that she can use this data to produce great litters. Her process is impressive. that first phone call had to have been 90 minutes, and was such a pleasure!! We were able to give Deb our criteria about the kind of dog we were looking for, and what we were not. She immediately spoke about future litters she was planning that would fit our needs. She didn’t just sell me what she had at the time, we planned out what will be the right fit. I fully expected to have to wait up at least 6 months for a puppy, but we were able to get a puppy sooner than that. We got Millie, a beautiful Fawn with tons of red accents. She is smaller in size, just as we like, and Deb told us that with her intensity gene, that her coloring was going to be stunning. She was absolutely right. Millie has been an amazing addition to our family, and even keeps up with our labs! Her alert spirit commands the room, and at the same time, she is loving and sweet. Her temperament could not be better. Ultimately, it’s about having a happy, healthy dog. We love that she is a pretty puppy, but more important to looks, her health and temperament are paramount. However, the best testimonial that I can provide comes from the days following Millie home-coming. We took this beautiful 5 lb puppy to the vet for a wellness visit, and during the exam, the vet turned to me and said that she had no concerns about breathing or palate issues with this puppy, and that I should commend Deb for a beautifully bred dog - the best she has seen in years. If you are searching for Frenchies, and are considering Bijou, rest assured that you are in excellent hands (and paws)

Sean D
Once my family had decided it was time to get a dog I knew we needed a smaller one, who would bond with the whole family. I have always had dogs, large and small. My last one was an American bulldog, Rottweiler mix, we rescued at 6 weeks old, whom I loved. After researching the qualities we settled on a French Bulldog. I was excited my husband, who wanted a larger Pit Bull less than. There are so many breeders on the internet and 90 percent of them left me feeling like it was a business. Some I down right worried about the animals in their care. What I loved about Deb was the level of time and care she put into her animals. As a nurse I appreciated the commitment to health and socialization she gave for what I knew would be my newest child. I have two with two legs and now Nas, our Frenchie and Mashugana our Bengal cat to make two on four legs. We have only had him since September 2020 but he is adored by our whole family. My husband within a week was proudly telling everyone Nas was just what he wanted and now six months later is trying to get me to agree to a second. The vet was so impressed with his health, everyone who meets him talks about how smart he is. I have never had a dog more willing to love on everyone he meets. If we do decide to expand our family again we will be contacting Deb.
Jo B


"Quality is understanding your customers expectations"

I spoke with many breeders before settling on Beautibuls, and I was most impressed with Deb. She truly has a passion for what she does and the joy she brings to families. She was honest, professional, and very caring about us and our puppy.  She is always willing to help with any questions, promptly responds and cares deeply for the pups, doing all she can to best prepare them for life with their new family.

Luna has been one of the easiest puppies I’ve ever had with regard to house-breaking and crate training. She is confident and does not get easily stressed. Luna is such a sweet natured dog, she’s also very smart and eager to learn. She’s absolutely fearless and is not afraid of anything.  She is also very well socialized.

Luna is the perfect example of what a Frenchie should be like. She is social, accepting, very friendly, and a quick learn… she has far exceeded my expectations!

F Andolino

I spent a long time looking for the right Frenchie breeder, but as soon as I saw pictures of Deb and Shelly’s dogs, I knew Beautibuls was the one. From our initial phone call to when I picked Baxter up, Deb and Shelley were knowledgeable, communicative and very clear that their top priority is the health and well-being of their dogs.

Not only is Baxter the most beautiful Frenchie I have ever seen, but he also has the best temperament - he is sweet, playful, friendly with all dogs, people and children, snuggly, loyal - I could go on and on. Baxter also came to me in perfect health and doesn’t have any of the health complications that many Frenchies do.

Baxter and I can hardly make it two feet on the street without getting stopped - people come out of stores and restaurants to meet him. I can’t say enough about how happy I am with Baxter and my experience with Deb and Shelly. I will definitely get a second puppy from them sometime, hopefully in the near future.

R D'Orazio

It has been a dream of ours to own a Frenchie and how lucky we were to get Dexter from Beautibuls. Not only Is Dexter healthy and happy but he has the perfect personality that could only have come from great parents (fur and human). Shelly and Deb are phenomenal, educated us and made the whole process exciting and comfortable. Their continued support and love since we picked Dexter up is amazing. We already have and would continue to recommend them as breeders.

K Stoltzfus

Deb and Shelly are not only two of the nicest most helpful, honest and knowledgeable people, they treat their dogs like their family and will be there to help with any advice you need even after you bring your puppy home. We were so impressed with the meticulous and caring way they handle everything, informing the “new parents”, breeding the dogs, medical care, and making sure the puppies are going to good homes.
Our boy, Xander, is smart, funny and full of love, hugs and licks. He’s only 10 months, so he’s full of energy and very nosy! Also “ just perfect”.... those are the vets words. If your looking to bring a Frenchie into your family, you won’t regret getting your puppy from Beautibulls!

L Layer

Deb & Shelly are reliable, trustworthy, compassionate, resourceful, kind-hearted, and truly invested breeders whom we cannot thank enough for offering us their patience, responsiveness, & expertise over the past 8 months since bringing Pepper home. When Pepper was 6 wks old we visited Deb & Shelly in their home & it was evident to us how much they nurtured each puppy with love and truly treated them so individually, as if they were their own. As a nurse, I was naturally concerned about Pepper’s environmental and living conditions and must mention, how clean & completely odor free their home was which was clearly indicative of the type of care Beautibuls puppies were receiving. I was in such shock I think I must have mentioned it to everyone who asked how our visit went. We cannot thank them enough for bringing such a wonderful, loving, & healthy puppy into our home & for continuing to mutually keep in touch.

M Sutera

We cannot thank Deb and Beautibuls enough for our sweet and wonderful Ellie. She's healthy, happy, intelligent and the most affectionate pup I've ever met. We brought her home in August 2019 at 14 weeks and she has truly completed our family!!

J Mallia

From the first moment I spoke wtih Deb and Shelly, I knew I was in good hands. I was looking to add a french bulldog to our family, and from the onset they were absoltely helpful. This was the first time I was researching and interested in the breed, and they were very helpful in educating me along the process. They were very responsive and answered all of my e-mails (and I send a lot!) within a few short hours. They truly love thier dogs, which is evident, and take pride and care in what they do. I look forward to the day we are able to grow our family even further and hope to have the opportunity to work with them again!

J LaRocco

Owning a French bulldog was a dream of mine for about 10 years before it became a reality. I always loved the look of the breed but after careful research I knew if I ever purchased one I would need to find a reputable breeder. I asked around, did some Google searches and scoured Facebook for contact information. I had been talking to another breeder when I found Deb and Shelly. I immediately sent in an interest form and Deb called me within a day or so. She was so knowledgeable and passionate about her dogs and why they were superior to the others. And after speaking with the other breeders I could compare them all and it was abundantly clear who I'd be getting my next furbaby from! Health testing was very important to us and Deb has done a wonderful job of making sure that her puppies are free of genetic and other disorders.
Penny Lane came to us in Sept 2018 and has been such an awesome addition to our crew. She has the sweetest temperament. She's very smart. And she has these amazing brown eyes that look at you so lovingly you just have to give her pets or a treat! She's been a wonderful companion to me and our other dog. I highly recommend speaking with Deb and Shelly if you are searching for a Frenchie. You will not be disappointed!

B Smassanow

Deb and Shelly were absolutely wonderful to work with. We did a lot of research on Frenchie breeders in the New York area and luckily came across Beautibuls. From the first conversation with Deb we knew they were the ones we wanted to go with. They were extremely knowledgable and were so happy to share their expertise with us. We visited Deb and Shelly early on in the process and they showed us many puppies (they were all equally adorable!) but they were so insistent that we find a connection with our puppy. It wasn’t until they showed us our baby girl Hudson that we instantly fell in love and knew she was the one. She is healthy, happy, full of personality and absolutely stunning! After we took her home, they were reachable at any time which really helped us settle in as new puppy parents. We receive endless compliments of how well she represents the ideal French Bulldog breed. She is perfection! We cannot wait to extend our Frenchie family and will absolutely be giving Deb and Shelly a call when we are ready. We can’t imagine our lives without Hudson now!

A Osborne

We picked up our Louis a male French bulldog from Debbie and Shelly when he was just 10 weeks old. We did a lot of research before we settled on to getting a puppy from them. They are respected breeders by other French bulldog breeders and that was an important consideration for us.
Deb and Shelly have been great in giving us advice and answering our questions on every aspect of raising a healthy and happy puppy from feeding, toilet training and teaching good habits. Their advice and involvement in raising Louis have been invaluable to us. Louis is now a 16 months old happy, smart , sweet and strong young adult dog. He is completely house broken in and has his routines and has become a loving family member. Our two children love Louis like a brother.  We highly recommend Debbie and Shelly and the Beautibul puppies.
YKW and family.

Y Waite

"Fred and I give Beautibuls a 6 star out of 5 star review"!
Looking back at all the disappointment from other breeders, it was a blessing in disguise to find Beautibuls and become part of their extended Frenchie family! I filled out the online application and heard back within a few hours.

Beautibuls have changed my perception of what a great experience purchasing a puppy can be! I was instantly drawn to the pair, Deb and Shelly. You could tell they really cared about their puppies and did their due diligence in screening us as well to ensure their puppy was going to a loving/safe home. If we ever add another Frenchie to our family it will be a Beautibuls Frenchie"!

S Kibbe

We are the very proud owners of 3 French Bulldogs. I was referred to Deb and Shelly by a breeder I had purchased my last little girl from as she did not have what I was looking for at the time. My experience with them was great. We spoke at length about what I was looking for in a pup as we were adding a 3rd and wanted the dynamics to work. Randal is a pied boy he is about 8 months old now and really filling out beautifully. He was housebroken in 6 months which is record breaking for my Frenchies... He is very sweet, and lovable with a great personality. Deb and Shelly were extremely accommodating and I have enjoyed sharing Randal's milestones with them... they are genuinely proud grandparents. They have a top notch breeding program and take great pride in what they do. I would not hesitate to recommend Beautibuls to anyone looking for an amazing dog.

T DeBeradinis

Hi my name is Grayson Dominic Pentz.  I am one of the Beautibuls.  I am named after my frenchy dad Dominic but I look just like my frenchy mom Senka. My mom is Gale.  She tells me she loves me because I am sweet and a good snuggler.  My dad says he loves me because of my good health which means no vet bills!  My frenchy sister Giada is not a Beautibul (we still love her ) and she had some large vet bills as a puppy. Grammies Shelly and Deb made sure that did not happen to me.  Dad tells me in the long run I am much less expensive than my “great price “sister.  Dad is also proud of how fast I was able to train him to hold me and give me lots of love.   If you’ve any questions about what it is like to purchase a Beautibul, give him a call at 814- 765-4000 and ask for Chris

C Pentz

The entire process from our first phone conversation to present day has been perfect. Our puppy Bowie is a playful, smart, happy, and loving pup. I often say ‘ Bowie’s a Christmas morning with a heartbeat’. He’s brought countless hours of joy to our home. We weren’t just getting a dog, we were welcoming a new family member and I can happily say that’s just what we got. Being a part of the extended Beautibuls family is a wonderful place to be.

Nina Thomas and Family
New York, NY

N Thomas

After the loss of our first Frenchie, Lola, we were reaching out to various breeders within driving distance of Connecticut, to at least “get on the list” for an upcoming puppy, which we expected would take a while. I had to fill out online applications amid fighting back the tears, getting over losing our little pied gal. We got Lola from a breeder in Australia when we lived there 10 years prior, so we had no connections with US breeders. Some breeders never replied, some were short, but Deb emailed us back right away and even set up a call with us the very next day to find out about our situation and our ability to care for one of her pups. As luck would have it, we ended up with our handsome Louie very soon after we spoke with Deb. We were a bit nervous about having a new puppy so close to our loss, but he was the blast of sunshine that our family needed. We keep in-touch routinely with Deb and Michele and they are always eager for updates and photos of Louie and it is fun to hear from Deb that “his Mom” or “his Dad” does this or that, when I tell her about his personality or what he is up to. Louie is energetic, smart and healthy, with a great temperament and he has the whole neighborhood suckered into playing fetch with him. We adore our Little Lou and when we are ready to finally get another Frenchie girl, I could not ask for a better Breeder than Beautibuls to “get on the list” with.

A Smith

"I have had a great experience with Beautibulls French Bull Dogs! We brought our puppy home last August and Deb and Shelly have been there every step of the way with any questions we may have had. Or little boy has been a perfect fit with our other two dogs and has an awesome temperament! "

18519792_10101368934032263_8250681220968038489_n[1] (2)
Pamela O

"I can't thank you enough for our boy Tyson. He's the best. Every time I show co-workers they always ask " Where did you get him from". Our vet said he's never seen a puppy so prefect. With that said we are blessed to have a Beautibuls dog in our family. I don't want to forget how great of a dog he is as well.  We have another Frenchie and we see the difference. Thanks again for the best meatball ever. Couldn't picture life without our Tyson"

Kevin F

"My husband and I purchased our first Frenchie from Beautibuls and we could not be happier. Knowing that this was our first the breeders were so knowledgeable and helpful. We’ve had him for over a year and I am still able to reach out to them at any time with questions and ask for advice. We are completely in love with this little guy. Although we chose not to show him, he is our Grand Champion!!! We will defiantly be back for a second puppy".

Lisa T

"Henry is such a sweet soul. He loves to snuggle up on your lap but he's also very playful. His wobble wag giggle ball is his favorite toy - he just loves chasing it around the house. He's super friendly with everyone and loves playing with other dogs. People ask me all the time where I got him because he's so adorable!! He makes me so happy every day"!!

Christin M

Thank You Shelly and Deb for trusting me with an absolutely wonderful, healthy French bulldog.  He's a puppy from your very first litter and has been such a joy in my life.  You have helped guide me in the show ring and are always there for any questions I may have.  Thank You Ladies!!!

It was a pleasure engaging with Deb - she was very helpful and informative throughout the process . Achilles, our puppy, was healthy and has immediately become one of the family. Also, Deb has been helpful after we took Achilles home with us. I highly recommend them as breeders.

Steve D

"I have been an ecstatic and exceedingly happy Beautibulls Frenchie Mommy to 2 beautiful, happy and healthy frenchies, Mimosa and Madeline (Maddie) since the minute I brought them home!!
Mimosa came to me first, as a 2 1/2 year old and she immediately lit up my life, and that of anyone she came in contact with!! In addition to being a beautiful dog, her disposition was friendly and loving to me, my friends, my cats, and the dogs in the Park! She often gave THEM - most of whom were much bigger - a run for their money, and tuckered them out from play way before she was ready to call it quits!!
Maddie is Mimosa's niece, and she joined our family about 3 months later, as a 3+ month year old. Loving, GORGEOUS as well, and immediately struck it up as Mi-moo's best buddy!! They love playing together, being Zoomie partners, and FORGET it when the water hose comes out - downright hysterical!!! For some reason NEITHER of them like brooms, sweeping, snow shovels, vacuum cleaners, dust busters.....as I think about it, maybe they just prefer disorganization!! Anyway, they're pretty funny when that all comes out, but they are truly NOT that helpful!!
They are both cuddlers, lickers, and lovers - just wanting to be around mom, and in mornings and evenings even view the kitties as fellow cuddle buddies!
Mimosa will be 5 at Christmas and Maddie will be 2 at the end of this month. Neither has had any health issues, and any concerns or questions that I had when I first brought them home Shelly and Deb were eager to answer. Similarly before I committed to buying one and joining their "family", I was very curious about the breeding and whelping processes, and besides being incredibly interesting, they helped me understand how and why my girls were going to be as healthy as they were.
My first 3 dogs were big dogs - 2 bullmastiffs and 85 lb boxer lab and I adored them completely. I miss them dearly as well, but I am so so so happy with my 20 lb frenchies - they might be smaller in size, but not smaller in heart or energy levels and I'll never go back! As a matter of fact, I have notified Beautibulls of my desire to get another one, so if that's not a positive reference, I don't know what is!! I could not possibly recommend Beautibulls more highly!! Thank you Deb and Shelly!!!"

Jane B

We had been blessed with English Bulldogs for nearly 20 years and after losing our beloved bully to lymphoma, we were absolutely devastated. Our hearts were forever broken and we soon realized that that the only thing nearly as sad as losing our bully, was the emptiness we felt without having a dog to share our lives with. Knowing the breed well, we set out on a quest to find a reputable breeder. It was a very long journey but we were determined, and health and temperament were our top priorities. As time went on we developed a keen interest in Frenchies – and we were ever so fortunate to have come across the Beautibuls website. It made us so very hopeful - not only were the photos of their dogs beautiful, but they were so healthy and accomplished. We reached out and to our surprise not only did we get a prompt response, but it was such a pleasure to speak with Deb who dedicated a great deal of time to listen to our story, and talk to us about their breeding program. She was so knowledgeable and patient with us in answering all of our questions. We love to tell the story about how ‘… the stars just aligned and lead us to our little Luigi”. Deb and Shelly made the process so smooth and were (and still are!) so accessible and helpful. Luigi has been nothing short of amazing from day 1. He came to us so well socialized – we remember being so surprised at how quickly and confidently he settled right in… sleeping right through from his first night onwards! He’s such a healthy, handsome boy – sweet, funny and so, so smart. He steals the show in his training classes, loves his skateboard and is an emotional support dog. We’re ever so proud of him and we feel extremely grateful to be part of the Beautibuls family!

Kelly N