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I’m a retired Quality Director.

I understand and respect the responsibility involved with meeting a customer’s expectations.  Quality philosophy and ISO 9001 standards can be applied anywhere.   With my breeding program I focus on preventive measures, documentation, extensive health testing and customer satisfaction.

I feel very strongly that quality and thorough communication is most important and need extra attention in today’s world.

My dogs all have completed DNA test panels as well as Hips, elbows, Patellas, spine, heart and eye exams.  My dogs also see a cardiologist and ophthalmologist every two years.

I follow Puppy Culture when rearing the pups.  They are well socialized and very confident when they go to their new homes.

I keep a database on all dogs and puppies to track health testing, vet schedules, soft palate evaluations and also to look for trends in my lines that may raise a potential flag.

Confirmation and health have the same level of importance in my breeding program.  Cuteness is nice, putting clothes on the puppies and marketing their cuteness is not me.  I want you to see the puppies Stacking in a natural stack so you can see the head, profile, bone structure and muscle tone as well as confirmation.  I want you to see and feel what I experience when ringside at an AKC dog show.  The characteristics that are so important to the French bulldog’s confirmation and what makes the eye candy factor for all of us.

How I got here and my Breeding Mission

Located in upstate New York, I am a woman in love with the bulldog breed, Fench Bulldogs and English.

My journey began as an epic failure in 2012 when I bred my first English bulldog, Honey.  She had a litter of 5 beautiful pups.   Unfortunately I lost Honey when her babies were three days old.  Honey came from a wonderful English bulldog breeder with the understanding that she could whelp one more litter.  I think of her everyday and thank her for the five wonderful puppies I have been honored to love.
A loss of this magnitude affects you for life and puts many things in perspective.  I have never loved a dog so much.  The entire experience convinced me that it was my first and last time breeding.

Then I bought Dominic from Sophia Bulgaria – Looking for a cute French bulldog for a pet.  He was precious and the perfect specimen of a French bulldog,  After a few breeders approached me to use him for stud, I decided I would find him a bride.   I studied and learned and spent hours talking to breeders that have been breeding and showing French bulldogs for years.  I made appointments to interview veterinarians to help educate me and to find some of the finest in my area.  There  was a lot to learn about successful breeding and I quickly realized I had no business breeding Honey.  I was totally unprepared.

After a long search we found Casiopea.  She came to us from Spain.  Dominic and Casiopea were inseparable.  They went on to have some beautiful puppies some AKC Champions and Grand Champions.

My mission has been clear from the start.  I aim to provide buyers with only the finest, most beautiful, and healthiest representatives of the breed.

This is accomplished by my commitment to breed only the finest.  I complete the necessary health testing prior to breeding in order to ensure I am promoting sound and healthy pups. I am  focused on maintaining the standard requirements but also to improve on the following:

  • Strong Pigment
  • Clear short nosed breathing
  • Short, compact body
  • Delightful temperament.

My dogs are my family.  They are not confined to a kennel for hours with only each other for company.  They are with me.

I have many dogs that I have chosen to add to my breeding program that I have placed in local homes.  These are families that can provide them with the love and one on one attention that they can not always get in a house with a pack of dogs.  I’m aware of how sensitive this breed is and how much they desire to connect and interact with their human.  I’m also honest enough with myself to realize living in a home with a pack of breeding dogs is not healthy for most.  Therefore I provide them a home with the best intensions.  I make sure all medical bills are paid for, and once done breeding the dogs are spayed and they stay with their forever homes.  It’s very expensive for me to do this since I pay the owners a certain percentage of everything I produce with the dogs.  Its a very strong commitment between myself and the co-owners.  We communicate well and work closely with each other to breed and show the pups.  Once the dog is spayed, they stay in their home and enjoy retirement.  None are caged or treated inhumanely.  They have the best homes possible.  And that alone makes it worth every dollar I spend.

The dogs that live with me sleep in my bed and are part of my daily activities. They take vacations and spend much time relaxing with me in my old colonial home built in 1860 in the small town of Owego NY.

I provide an Airbnb in the upstairs of my home for any puppy buyer to comfortably visit free of charge.   Its wonderful to meet my puppy buyers and for them to see how we live.  Not to mention they enjoy our very unique town and get to know me and my dogs. Visitors are always welcome.   https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/34369807?source_impression_id=p3_1595429365_nYVhMteq4BgoKmmo&guests=1&adults=1

The relationship I have with my puppy owners does not end when the buyer walks out the door. They are my  family and I am there for them for the life of their pup and beyond.

Quality and Integrity is my philosophy.  I love learning from other breeders how to improve the French Bulldog breed. I invite any and all suggestions, comments or questions.

~Thank You for your interest in BiJou French Bulldogs, ~


Deb Knowlton


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