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Updated   05-08-2023

Buffy is available.  She is 10 weeks.  Uses the doggie door, peepads inside.  Shes an absolute angel.

I have a blue male and a blue female available - they are 7 weeks old.  Beautiful short and cobby bodies, thick bone and blue eyes.

If you have an interest, shoot me a text or call me at 607-321-8474


Izzabelle and Sushi are both pregnant with Bricks pups.  They will produce only cream pups.  They are due towards the end of May.

Henna is also pregnant with Hashtags puppies.  They will produce blue, chocolate and brindle puppies.  Henna is also due towards the end of May.

Whether you're interested in a French Bulldog puppy or retiring adult, I ask you to kindly fill out my Puppy Questionnaire located below.  I will contact you within 48 hours.


Health Guarentee

This puppy is guaranteed to be free of congenital defects for one year from the date of birth. If a congenital defect is suspected, the buyer(s) shall notify seller within 3 days of diagnosis with veterinarian’s written report. The seller reserves the right to have the dog checked by a veterinarian of their choice and if the prognosis is confirmed, I will replace the dog as availability allows. All warranties are for replacement and/or credit only and not for refund of purchase price in whole or in part or for reimbursement of medical/veterinary expenses in whole or in part.                                                                                                                Stenotic nares and/or elongated soft palates are not covered under my Guarantee - Although I breed to reduce the occurrence in my pups, I cannot guarantee against the frequency of airway problems in the french bulldog lines.  Please read the Article on Brachycephalic Syndrome to better educate yourself.

Soft Palate Evaluation.
Click on the following link.
You can see the soft palate partially blocking the trachea.
Thank you to Christopher for sharing.