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Corner 3

Our special males, helping provide a future of Champions


Date Of Birth: 06/13/13
Breeder: Tsvetelina Ilieva

Beautibuls first Fenchie, Dominic. Born in Bulgaria to the late POISON D'ACEBO INFERNO and TALISMAN DE LA FORTUNA AURA.  This fabulous brindle boy sired our first litter, and was Beautibul's first Champion.

After one year of showing, our very happy, spoiled boy, Dominic  become an AKC Grand Champion.

This confident AKC Grand Champion's looks are a match for the loyalty, and love he shows for family.

Sweet tempered Dominic has sired six litters to-date.  Litters averaged 4 to 7 pups.  Dominics pups are awesome boasting lovely heads and perfect short bodies.

  • Juvenile Cataracts:   Clear
  • Cystinuria:   1-1 Clear
  • CMR1 :  Clear
  • DM-SOD 1-A:   Clear
  • OFA Patella:  Normal
  • OFA Hip:  Prelim - Normal
  • OFA Cardiac: Normal
  • OFA Ophthalmologist:  Normal


Sire:    Charchen's Lil Drummer Boy

Dam:   Senorio De Carthago Casiopea





Date Of Birth: 12/26/2018
Breeders: Deb Knowlton, Michele Bogart

Buddy is the son of Caseopea and Drummer.
He has Multi Champion bloodlines as his pedigree.  Buddy lives with a wonderful family that absolutely adores him.

Buddy takes after his father Drummer.  He is short in body, has very nice bone structure and muscle tone.  Buddy has a beautiful head for his body size.  He has the exact temperament I look for when adding a male dog to my breeding program.

Buddy sired a couple beautiful litters in the year 2021. A couple are starting their show careers in 2022.  I'm looking forward to watching them succeed in the show ring.



Carney Hollow's Thunderous Applause at Beautibuls



Date Of Birth: 08/06/2019
Breeder(s): Sharon Lesio / Raymond Lesio

Brick came to us from our good friends Sharon and Ray Lesio.

Bricks parents

Dam:  Carney Hollow's Mercedes Benz  "Sadie"        Sire: Grand Champion Jellybellies Standing Ovation at Carney Hollow    "Max".

Brick comes from a long line of Best in Breed winners.  His father Max had a successful show career in 2018- 2019.  We are hoping to see Brick follow in his footsteps.  His short body, nice square form and solid bone structure is very much what we look for when adding to our breeding program.  Brick will be starting his show career as soon as the Dog Shows open back up from Covid -19.

  • Juvenile Cataracts: normal -Clear
  • Cystinuria: 1-1  Clear
  • DM-SOD 1-A: Clear
  • CMR1 : Carrier
  • OFA Patella:  Normal
  • OFA Hips:  Good
  • OFA Elbows:  Good
  • OFA Cardiac:  Normal
  • OFA Ophthalmologist:  Normal



Renegade's Hashtag

Sire:   Renegades Ima Hooligan

Dam:  Jazzy Mares Special Bulls


Date Of Birth: 11/17/2020
Breeder(s): Kelly Johnson

Owner:  Deb Knowlton

Hashtag came to me from Renegade's French Bulldogs in South Dakota.  Trish breeds the most beautiful colored French bulldogs that I have ever seen.  The dogs in her program are extremely healthy and are all good breathers which is something I am focusing on to improve in my own breeding program.

Hashtag is a blast.  He's energetic, very alert and inquisitive.  He can run a couple miles with no problem.  He is very affectionate.  He loves to play with my puppies as well as my adult dogs.  He is always up for a good time.

Hashtag lives with me in my Owego home.  He has sired a couple of exceptional liters.  I'm very excited to have him in my program.  He has done nothing but add positive energy in my home.  He's an absolute joy.

  • Juvenile Cataracts: normal -Clear
  • Cystinuria: 1-1  Clear
  • DM-SOD 1-A: Clear
  • HUU - Clear
  • CMR1 - Clear
  • OFA Patella:  Normal
  • OFA Hips: excellent
  • OFA Cardiac:  Normal
  • OFA Ophthalmologist: Normal




Gavrill Grand Felicity



Date Of Birth: 2/08/2020
Breeder(s): Uylia Panasenco

Scout is a beautiful black mask red fawn.  He and his retired sister Victory live with a guardian family in Elmira NY.  He runs three miles a day with his Dad.  Although he is the largest dog in my breeding program, he's an excellent breather and has a very good health record.

Scout is a very affectionate lap dog.  He gets along well with other humans and canines.  I'm looking forward to seeing the quality of puppies he is capable of producing.

Scout's Health Records:

  • Cystinuria: 1-1 Clear
  • Juvenile Cataracts: Clear
  • DM-SOD 1-A: Clear
  • CMR1 : Clear
  • OFA Patella:  Normal
  • OFA Hips:  Good
  • OFA Cardiac:  Normal
  • OFA Ophthalmologist:  Normal



Beautibuls Dark Desperado  "Hombre"


Date Of Birth: 6/16/2018
Breeder(s): Deb Knowlton / Michele Bogart/ Charlotte Griffith

Hombre takes after his father, Kenzo De La Paurer.  He is very much part of our Beautibuls pack.  Hombre is gentle and very sweet.  He stacks naturally.  Both feet straight ahead, nice tight toes, perfect conformation.  His mother is Diva,  a daughter to our Casiopea and Dominic.  Hombre's temperament is exactly what we breed to produce.

Hombre lives with a wonderful family is Skaneateles NY with his best friend and brother Nigel - a beautiful Bull Terrier.  They are inseparable.

  • Juvenile Cataracts: normal -Clear
  • Cystinuria: 1-2 Carrier
  • DM-SOD 1-A: Clear
  • OFA Patella:  Normal
  • OFA Hips:
  • OFA Cardiac:
  • OFA Ophthalmologist:


gone but never forgotten - we've crossed the rainbow Bridge


Charchen's Lil' Drummer Boy



Date Of Birth: 12/26/2015
Breeder(s): Charlotte Griffith / Deb Knowlton/ Michelle Bogart

We have had the pleasure of breeding a handful of our girls to Drummer in the past few years.  Drummer has produced some of the finest pups in our program.  Hes very compact, nice bone and great head!!   Drummer has the personality all pet owners desire.  He's very easy going, happy to be with his humans and actually gets along well with our other intact males.

Drummer's parents

Dam:  Noxanna Baflo                                                  Sire: Grand Champion Senorio De Carthago King of Magic    "Houdini".

  • Juvenile Cataracts: normal -Clear
  • Cystinuria: 2-2  Carrier
  • DM-SOD 1-A: Clear
  • CMR1 : Clear
  • OFA Patella:  Normal
  • OFA Hips:  Good
  • OFA Cardiac:  Normal
  • OFA Ophthalmologist:  Normal




Blues V. Fivelzight x Gaelik-Legend De La Legende De L Hermine

Houdini's Health/DNA Tests Results

Date Of Birth: 5/26/2014
Breeder(s): Francisco Javier Fernandez Hernandez

Houdini is the affectionate, sensitive and playful clown of our household.  An import from Spain's Senorio De Carthago Kennel he is our second AKC Grand Champion that we trained and handled in the show ring. He is appropriately named and is an absolute joy to be around. Nothing but happiness resonates off this very playful boy.  He was born May 26 2014 to Gaelik Legend De la Legende De L' Hermine and sired by the late BISS Multi CH Blues V. Fivelzight.   He is a proven stud with 4 litters sired to date of between 3 and 5 pups each. He has produced beautiful pieds, flashy black masked fawns and brindles.  His beautiful head, solid bone, short body and excellent temperament make him a very nice example of the AKC breed standard.

  • Juvenile Cataracts: normal -Clear
  • Cystinuria: 1-2 Carrier
  • DM-SOD 1-A: Clear
  • OFA Patella:  Normal
  • OFA Hips: Fair
  • OFA Cardiac: Normal
  • OFA Ophthalmologist: Normal