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My Personal Thoughts on Breeding Color

Did you know AKC will register any colored French or English Bulldog?  They will also allow you to sell them on AKC Market Place but they do not allow them in the show ring.

In the past 8 years I have focused on producing quality standard French bulldogs. I have enjoyed producing beautiful pups with fairly nice confirmation.  There’s nothing like seeing them acknowledged in the show ring by some of the top AKC judges.

I’m a data driven person.  My 30 plus years working in Quality has taught me the importance of data analysis.  There’s three parts to that process.  We collect data, we analyze it and then we challenge it.

I see the percentage of colored dogs with excellent health testing is much higher when comparing to most standard dogs.  I wonder if this is because of a larger gene pool?  Possibly.  I’m only looking at what I submit to a DNA lab or what my vet submits to OFA because I know those collection processes are controlled and results are not manipulated.

My nonnegotiable quality approach has cost me a lot of disappointment in the past 8 years.  I had some beautiful dogs that didn’t pass all health testing and have chosen to remove them from my program.  I’d rather take the financial hit on the front than to move forward and produce puppies that may have health issues further down the line.

I believe it boils down to responsible breeding – That includes DNA testing and OFA certifications as well as targeting the AKC confirmation standard.  These are the tools we as breeders need to take seriously.

My interest is always to bring the same high-quality standard to all puppies I produce.  To provide healthy dogs with nice confirmation that my clients have a desire to own.

I believe if I follow my heart and am true to my integrity that I can provide healthy French and English Bulldogs with a contractual guarantee at a standard price.  I believe my clients deserve that.