High Quality French Bulldogs Located In New York State

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Providing door to door delivery of your new puppy

Purchasing a dog that is not local to your residence can create much anxiety – for you and for me. If you are going to purchase a pup from me, putting him or her in my hands for safe, comfortable, and reliable delivery is the only option I provide.

For puppy buyers that live within 250 miles of Owego NY I provide two options:  Either you meet me at the halfway point to pick up your pup or come to my home and stay for a night or two in my Airbnb – at no charge – pending its availability.  https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/34369807?source_impression_id=p3_1572443900_N%2BggpDVUoVgB%2B1pN

If your location is too far for day travel, I can hand carry your new family member to your doorstep for a fee calculated by milage.   I also have flight nanny’s and certified ground transport that I trust with my pets.  They will deliver puppies to their new home at a manageable cost for the seller. Because each situation is unique, the transport cost to the buyer will be discussed at the time of purchase.


Why hand deliver?

Ensuring a safe and pleasant delivery, I take pride in getting to know my pups new family and making sure they have a positive travel experience.

It would be my pleasure to serve you and your new puppy.